Thursday, December 30, 2010

Silly Virus

So, I have not been able to post for a little while on my computer...I would like to blame it all on a virus I had on my computer, but that would not be completely true. Before I got the virus, I was just so busy trying to finish everything on my Christmas project "to-do" list, I didn't have time to do much else. I am very proud of myself though...I got 2 Christmas dresses, 2 Santa skirts, 1 table runner, and 2 potholders done before Christmas. Oh wait, plus, I made my friend Megan's, 2 little girls Santa skirts and hair clips. Then maybe Christmas night-ok, maybe the day after, I bound a quilt I had gotten back from the quilters. I am proud to say that I have bound all 3 quilts now.

Then, everytime I would open my sewing hutch, there was this little baggy staring at held a mini Easter egg quilt in it-all cut out, just never sewn. My cousins made them like 2 years ago and my one cousin even went to the trouble to cut mine out for me. So over the last 2 days, I finished that little bugger. I was so excited to use a scrap I got at a LQS for $.50 for the back. So exciting to see the project completed and ready for Spring! Yes, it is 2 years late, but I will just say I am early for Easter/spring this year :)

Since everything was deleted off my computer, I have to install my photo software again, so I can post pictures of all of the fun things I have made/completed the last couple of weeks.

I need to get back to putting away all of the things Santa left under our tree. I will post more about our Christmas weekend soon.