Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Pneumonia Anyone?

Over the weekend I had some chest I took some over the counter cold medicine which seemed to help. Monday night we have 3 hours of dance for the girls, so I sit there watching and waiting. All of a sudden during hour 3, I started to get really, really, really, cold, even with my coat on. I thought, "oh boy." So I quickly got the girls home after their classes, handed them over to my husband and I went to bed under 3 blankets. I was still cold. I did have a low grade fever. Sometime during the night the fever broke. I woke up the next morning with the worst chest pain ever. I went to the bathroom and started coughing up blood. I never did that before and that freaked me out. I called my doctor and he said to either make an appt. with them (it's an hour away close to where I grew up) or go to urgent care. I decided since there was an urgent care place close by, I would go there. My oxygen level was low, and my white blood count was high. My chest x-ray showed an "area of concern" so the doctor is treating me with clinical pneumonia. She said that if I didn't hear from the radiologist today, then they agreed with the diagnosis. She said often times it is tricky to tell the difference between the 2 just with her looking at it. I am on an antibiotic and an inflammatory med. I was amazed when I woke up how much better I felt. I of course pushed too hard today and of course now feel just plain awful.

Just what I need with a week til Christmas!! Oh my life!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Cookies

My sister, mom, and I got together yesterday to bake lots of Christmas cookies. We made peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip, m&m, some jello cookies, oatmeal raisin, honey chocolate bits, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, and rolled out sugar cookies. The kids had fun decorating the rolled out sugar cookies. Dad even had to get in the action to supervise the sprinkle and sugar placement! It was a fun day...the 3 younger cousins had fun playing together. Here are a couple of pics...they aren't the best as they are from my cell phone...

Travis my nephew decorating!

                                                              Mmmm...M&M Cookies
                                  Sprinkles much? LOL! They kids were having a good time!!
Pappy helping too!

Foster Parent Christmas Party

Every year the Foster Parent Association has a Christmas party...this year they had it a local country club. The asked everyone to dress up...which the girl's loved-Shawn-not so much :) Mrs. Claus read a Christmas Story...then the kids sang some Christmas carols. Santa came out and each family got to get a nice family picture with him in front of the huge Christmas tree. They printed the picture out right there and gave us a frame to go with. Such a neat memory. Aleah was so excited...she was screaming to "let's go-Santa's here". Since a professional took the pic with Santa-I won't post that picture-but here is a picture I took of the kids...

Christmas Tree

We went and picked out our Christmas Tree didn't take long to find "the perfect tree" however, it did take a long time to get a decent picture with the kids in front of the tree :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Shower

My husband's niece is having a baby in January, so we had the shower on Sunday. It was a fun time. They had it in a Mexican restaurant...the food was amazing and I almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant I ate so much. We had a delicious tortilla soup that I wish my family would eat, but I don't know if they would or not. Then we each got chicken or beef was soooo good!!! The cake was amazing as well...mmmmm....

I decided to make a baby quilt for her...(sorry...not the best pictures-taken with my cell phone).