Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The sick bug has come to our house over the weekend.

T started it out with a high fever. It was the silliest thing...our pastor called to let us know since he wasn't at church the week before that we would be starting a new series in Sunday school the next morning. At the end of our conversation he asked if everyone was healthy. I said yep, so it shouldn't be a problem for us to be there. Not even an hour or so later, T climbs up on the couch and is out for the count with a fever of 103.4. I made sure to give her meds every 4 hours and with it, it did help bring it down, but she complained of a headache. I called the dr. the next day and they wanted her to come in to rule out Strep. Good news was she didn't have strep, just the start to a virus.

Then, because we are sharing family, I guess, the little one and I sounded as though we were coming down with something the next morning. We had more nose and coughing struggles.

T's fever finally broke and is back to her normal attitude-y dramatic self. Now my son on the other hand, woke up this morning and came into our bed...then I was about to get up and looked back and he was sleeping again. This is not like him-he usually hits the floor running. I took his temp and it was high-so no school for him today.

I just can't shake the cough-of course how could I with my dear little one coughing in my face, etc. I guess it's just that time of the year!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


So yesterday I was in a car accident. I am fine-the kids are fine...I am just very shaken up. I was actually taking T to the doctor for an immunization that the school insists she needs, but the doctors office keeps telling me that she can wait until her next well appointment. Oh the joys of being a mommy :)

My car made it out alive-just some scrapes and scratches...nothing major compared to what the other car looked like. Thankfully there was a witness that stopped and waited until the police came to tell him what she saw. I am very appreciative of the fact that she confirmed that I was not at fault. So now we wait for the guy from the insurance company to come out and look at my car and to see if the other driver is going to admit they were at fault. I am really hoping they are honest about it-it would make life a whole lot easier.

What a frustrating afternoon it was yesterday.