Thursday, March 10, 2011

Neck Update

I meant to attach this to one of the other post I did since yesterday, but forgot.

3 weeks ago, I had to have my dad drive me to the ER for my pain. I sat in church and was in horrific pain...which was causing me to get a migraine. I came home and called my dad to drive me there (so my husband could stay home with the kids). Well, 7 hours later, they told me that it was just a pulled muscle. They gave me some pretty good drugs there, and was pretty loopy when I got out to the waiting room to my dad. He sent me home with a prescription for a muscle relaxer. Anyway...that was I have officially been pain free in my neck for a week exciting. That was the worst pain I had felt in awhile. It is nice to not have to wake up and quickly get my meds in me to be able to even function. So today, I am thankful for pain-free days!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picnic Quilt

I finally started working on the picnic quilt I had blogged about back in November. I love the way it is going so far...I have 4 rows sewn together, another one ready to add, and then 19 more rows to put together...still quite a ways, but it is a really easy quilt to piece. The most time consuming part is figuring out where to place each fruit or veggie :) It is lots fun...especially when my little one wants to get her helping hands in there too!

Valentine's Day Skirts

I hadn't posted them-but I made the girls each a skirt for Valentine's Day...

My little model-isn't she precious? I love that she is so willing to strike a pose when I have her put on something I made for her...makes it all worth it :) T was so excited to be able to wear hers to school. I ran out of time before we ran to the bus to get her picture!

My little Tiger Club

This is my little guy dressed up for Boy Scout Sunday a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time he was in his uniform-he was looking so cute!