Monday, May 23, 2011

Once a Tiger-Now a Wolf

My son had his Crossover ceremony a couple of weeks ago for Cub Scouts. He moved up from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf Cub. I am so proud of him for achieving the goals that were set for him in order to move up. Memorization and things are not the easiest for him, and although he did get very frustrated, he did it!

Crossing over the bridge the Boy Scouts made for them.

After he was given his new neckerchief.

The girls needed it to be known that they were there too!


I started organizing my fabric scraps by color...anything that is a fat quarter or 1/4 of a yard or less gets thrown in a container. The trouble is, I only got 4 containers when I was at the store, so my orange, blue, green, and reds are organized...I will slowly have to seperate out the rest as I get more.

Friday, May 6, 2011


This quilt has been finished for awhile now...just now getting to put it up...don't you just love my "helper?" Precious, isn't she?! This quilt is almost king size, I believe. I don't love is one that my aunt's and cousin's all made 1 year over Memorial Day weekend many years ago. I am just excited to have it off the UFO pile!