Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dollar Fabric!!!

Before I moved to my house 3 years ago my husband and I would pass a fabric store going into town and he would always ask me...are you sure you don't want to go in there and look? From the road looking in it all looked like big huge rolls of clothing material (which typically that is usually all they have)...not good ole quilt fabric. However, since my sister and I joined the local quilt guild, we have gotten on an email list from them stating their deals. The first time we went in they had cotton fabric for $3.99/yard. That's a great deal. Then after some more sales it was $1.99/yard. Well, yesterday I got an email saying that their Christmas material was $1.00/yard. Can you even believe it? Is there anything better? Well...sadly yes...having more money to splurge would be delightful...but I did manage to find a couple of dollars and bought what you see below (except for the blue/white stripe material...that is for my sister). Oh Fabric I love thee! Oh yeah...and I can't wait for your new shipment in January...maybe I'll have more money by then...maybe!


  1. There are few things I can think of better than 1.00 fabric. :)

  2. What a deal! And, yes, I am looking for quilts to fun.