Thursday, June 2, 2011

A whole new experience

So, it is no secret that my husband and I adopted 3 children of a different race than us. Many of days around the kitchen table there have been debates on what shade of brown we are. The discussion usually ends with the fact that we are all different shades and are special just the way we are.

Not only is shades of skin in our home a very normal is another topic. I have done the best I could with my little ones hair, however, I recently had a "duh moment" and started looking for blogs on taking care of African American hair. My son's hair is not difficult-take him to the barber and have them trim and shape him up as they see fit. The brush it out everyday.

My dear T-her hair is more like ours, however, she does need lots of conditioning. I think I have hers pretty much figured out. There are days when it looks like a rats nest and I have to throw my hands up in the hair in frustration.

My poor little one has had me stumped for, well, really since we got her. When we got her at 5 days old, her hair was so soft and oh so curly...I had wished it would stay that way forever. It didn't. She has some major 4c hair(didn't know what that meant until I got help from blog land)...I have been doing it all wrong. I knew the basics...don't over wash, use wide tooth comb, condition, moisturize, etc. After finding a couple of very helpful blogs with mom's in the same situation as me, I have gained so many helpful tips already. Some of things they tell you to do, I think to myself...what a dummy I am. Basics like just putting conditioner & water in a spray bottle together to use as a works AMAZING. WAY better than the stuff you buy in the store. The other tip I learned...again, seriously made me feel dumb-was instead of using a brush/comb for detangling-use my!?! I have 2 of them...they are free...and get this...IT WORKS! Go figure! So just using those 2 tips have already made hair care for the little one's so much better. She used to run away screaming when I got the basket of hair stuff down to start on her hair. Not now. I still have a loooong way to go. Apparently I need a routine. Apparently I need basic products instead of the craziness I have been buying. Apparently there are lots of fun accessories you can buy...placed an order yesterday and can't WAIT for them to come in the mail. Beads galore and little clippies...oh my!

I would love to learn how to cornrow-not sure that will be happening anytime soon-but I can do a basic braid and saw some cute styles that use those and beads-so I am excited to get started. The parting aspect of it has me overwhelmed...but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I don't know if anyone out there that follows my blog has a use for these...but here are some blogs/webpages that have been VERY helpful!


  1. Even though we do not have hair issues...I am fascinated by them! So, you'll have to take pictures and show us...I love the beads! Our sons' hair is finer, but since we just buzz it it's not an issue.

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