Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beautiful Fall Day

Another Saturday filled with football and's my life these days!

My son is playing his 2nd year of tackle football and LOVES it. It was a beautiful morning, although just a little crisp up on a hill at the field. The team lost 7-6 which does not make my son happy. It was a quiet ride on the way home.

Tianna had her football game she cheered at this afternoon. She actually was into it today. Miracles happen. God bless her. She knows every.single.cheer but yet, when it comes time to do it, she's just not into it. I think maybe next year she won't be cheering. We'll see.

The youngest, Aleah on the other hand, is practically jumping out of her skin to be able to get her hands on the pom poms. If they change the birth date cut off next year, she will be 1 unhappy little girl.

It is so fun to sit back and watch my kids in their activities. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with who needs to be where, but they are happy and that makes it worth while.

Shawn is at a birthday party this afternoon, so the girls are enjoying watching some TV they want to watch. I really want to turn my sewing machine on...but my house is a disaster zone...such choices!

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