Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hate when that happens...

...I had scheduled a meeting with Shawn's teacher-for 8:15 this morning...oiy...what was I thinking?!?! The volume on my alarm was way down and I didn't hear it until my son came in this morning at 7:45. Needless to say, it was a mad dash out the door in 20 minutes! I hate that feeling. We made it and now get to spend a day in comfy clothes at home for once in a long time! I should be cleaning...but I think I am going to snuggle up to Aleah and watch some cartoons with her this morning. My body is worn out today.

In other news...Tianna started Girl Scouts last night. She seemed to have fun...she said "at least we got to do a craft." I'm not 100% sure what that was to mean, but I took it as she was happy she got to do a craft! Ha!

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