Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I woke up to rain this morning...not children misbehaving, which was a nice change. My girls did not want to get up this morning. Apparently the 3 hours we are at dance on Monday nights wears them out :) I am thankful for that! My son was up and tried to get dressed today by himself...it's something we are working on...him picking out his own clothes to learn some responsibility and the want to take care ourselves. It's a challenge and hasn't been going well...but I am determined. Seasons throw him off...he wanted to wear shorts and a long sleeved shirt today. I try to be so patient because I know he just doesn't want to take the time. We are trying to get the clothes picked out at night, but sometimes, like last night, we get home too late and it just doesn't happen-we then pay for it the next morning.

My dear Tianna...it makes me so sad to see her struggle so bad. She wet the bed again last night. I've talked to the doctors and have both decided it is a control issue and she is doing it out of spite...but that doesn't make dealing with it any easier. My husband and I have decided she needs help outside of what we can give her, so she will be going for a Psych Eval next Tuesday so we can hopefully get some sort of wrap around services for her. I am both excited and nervous. She has so much anger bottled up inside of her and she refuses to talk to me. She is such a bright little girl, she just doesn't always think about what she is doing before she does it. We try so hard to encourage her in the things she wants to do...dance and Girl Scouts. But it seems like the more we give the more she can't handle it. I don't know what to do anymore, so I am hoping we can get some answers soon. As frustrating as the dear girl can be, when she smiles...oh my goodness. It will melt you for sure.

Aleah is learning to write her name in preschool. She is getting to be pretty good, in my opinion! I am amazed at how quick they pick things up! She absolutely loves school and wishes it was everyday like the big kids. She has already gone on 1 field trip to the Vet. Another one is coming up soon to an orchard. She also is going through a little funk of temper tantrums and crying for long periods of a time if she does not get what she wants. It for sure wears on me, but I'm trying to be strong and not give into her.

Well, I started cleaning out my room yesterday. I am trying to get a good load of nonsense for Goodwill. My house is getting overrun with junk and it's making me nuts. So de-cluttering is def. in store the next couple of days/weeks. I already got 1 bag of junk and 1 bag of donations out of my room which makes me feel good! I am hoping to get my room finished today so I can start the bathroom closet tomorrow when everyone is in school.

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