Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year...New Job

My husband started the new year out by starting a new job. He's still doing steel erecting, just with a new company. This past year has been a rough year with him being laid off so much. While sometimes I was glad to have him home more, I also enjoy having my schedule and like being able to do what I want to do without being questioned on a regular basis. My brother sent my husband an ad that he found in the paper about a company that was looking for work, so my husband applied. He went back and forth about the decision, but all of the negatives seemed to be outweighed by the positives. He did take a pay cut, but with the other benefits and the idea of him actually working regularly, we would be making out better.

His old boss did not take kindly to the news, they know that he is an asset to the company, so to lose him, hurts his business. There are not too many people like my husband anymore in the business...he is one that when he is at work...he's there to work. He doesn't like the extra nonsense that happens, he just wants to work. Young kids just see a good paying job, but don't want to work for it.

The company he started to work for is an Amish company. They have been in business for about 11 years. They have 4 crews of 5 working. The good thing about the building is that they will be adding insulated panels inside, so even if it rains-they have 2 months of work just on the inside to do. This excites me as this past year we were lucky for my husband to be working for a month before being laid off again. The added bonus of the company is-he's learning all about the Amish. My husband didn't have the privilege of having Amish neighbors growing up like I did. So this is a new experience for him. The great thing husband comes home happy knowing he worked a full day, not out of town, and still gets a full day of work in. I am excited for him to feel good. Often times when he was just sitting at home with nothing to do, he would feel bad about himself and think he wasn't fulfilling his responsibility he promised my dad when he asked to marry me. He already managed to get a travel coffee mug out the deal...he was very excited :)

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