Thursday, January 14, 2010

The "Go Ahead"

We got word yesterday from our caseworker that we are a-ok to move forward with the next step for the adoption of our littlest one. We also heard that the adoption caseworker from the agency that is doing all of the paperwork, etc. was filing everything yesterday. sounds like everything is moving forward. We were told to plan for February. I will give them until March for everything to be finalized...I think that's nice of me. Although really, I am just preparing myself for the agency to tell me it needs to get pushed back.

The next step?
We wait to get the paperwork from our lawyer that will need to be notarized. After that, we basically just wait for a court date. How exciting!!! I am so thankful that this seems to be moving along...I can't wait to enjoy my family without the worry of a caseworker saying...oh there is a family member interested...we are going to start visits, oh mom is doing what she needs to do, there is a possibility of going will be nice to have the roller coaster in the shop for a head and heart just need a break!


  1. Awesome! That's Great! We're only 5 weeks into placement #3 but I'm already wishing I was at that point. :-)

  2. so exciting! but amy what on earth are you going to do with yourself during camp not having to go to visits and hearings and such? How boring to not get to pack all 3 kids up and drive the 8hr. home several times each week ;)

  3. Hi there Amy
    Welcome to my "i.spay" fabric swap ... very exciting to have you join in! I will email you soon with some more info!
    Sounds like 2009 was a rough year for you guys. I pray that this year sees you through with more good news.

  4. WOO HOO! This is great news! How exciting!!!