Monday, January 25, 2010

Water Fun

Today has been an interesting day to say the least around these parts...

I woke up this morning to water dripping in our bedroom...what a way to wake up! Well...that one little drip led to quite a few more drips...

(This is not where the leak started...this one started above the bed)
I think til it was all said and done we had at least 7 spots. I say leaks, but 2 of the spots were pretty much downpours. I was using an umbrella at one point to have it run off of that into a trashcan at the bottom of the steps all while holding another bucket at another spot! So much fun today has been...
(top picture is the water running down from our bedroom into our kitchen
bottom is the water on our back steps that go from kitchen to our bedroom)
(this was before we got enough trashcans and pots and such to all of the "leaks")

Don't mind the junk on the floor and such as the ceiling has started to fall down.
(we emptied this trashcan several times this morning)


  1. so sorry WATER is very damaging to say the least. Hope the sun shines soon!

  2. sent you an email, amy :)

    sure hope the leaks have all been taken care of there!

  3. Hi Diana-I didn't get an email from you...where did you you send it?