Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Snow Storm?

They are calling for a big snow storm tonight into tomorrow. I guess our area looks like we are to be getting 8-12 inches. How exciting! My husband just got home from the store (better to send him out with the crazies than me...right?!?!) and said it was pretty busy. I guess the one guy at the store said that yesterday they were parked way out in another store's parking lot. I'm glad I made the decision of sending my husband out. It hasn't started here yet...but I'm waiting with anticipation. I love being snowed in. The big issue this time will be our roof...we have tarps up there for now until we can get the permits and such to do the work we need to do to replace it. Wish us luck that we'll make it through the storm :) I'm not too worried...we'll make it work! Maybe I can sew a little tomorrow...that would be fun!


  1. You are crazy, snow is dumb. You are not my sister.

  2. I love a good snowstorm. If it's going to snow...then it should be worthwhile. :-) Unfortunately Randy just left to go to New Jersey & back....he should be back around 3 or 4 in the morning. But I am looking forward to a snowy Saturday with him & our son to take care of shoveling/snowblowing. I plan to drink hot chocolate and watch it snow!