Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I HAVE been busy!

Everytime something happens around here...I seem to forget to grab the camera :( Oh well, such is life I guess.

I wanted to take a picture of my son's pirate snowman he had to make for school. They read a book about snowmen and was given the task to create their own "snowman person" from just the snowballs they were given. By the end of the evening we had a snowman complete with a pirate hat, sword, and parrot, of course.

I wanted to take a picture of the hearts I paper pieced for the quilt guild I am apart of for the Block of the Month. I made 12 of those little buggers...didn't win...grrr! Now my sister has given me the task of making some more so we can make little table toppers. I am in search of white scraps to be able to work on them again.

I did get to take a picture of the block that I've signed up to do on Kathleen's blog. I have everything cut and even got my block finished. I am so proud of myself. Hopefully it will be dropped in the mail tomorrow! I hope all of the gals from my group likes the fabric and block I decided to use!

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  1. Good job, haven't cut mine yet, hopefully tomorrow :)