Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilt Retreat

Who knew a quilt retreat could be soooo much fun?!?!

My sister and I signed up several months ago to go to our Quilt Guild's Spring Retreat. We are new members to the guild so we didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into to, but it sounded like fun. So finally, Friday morning we were on our way...without children or husbands...but with LOTS of fun stuff!

What a ball we had! My sister, Sara, was set to work on a fun pinwheel quilt...I love the colors in it. Don't ya know she got the top done! What a girl! She's trying to decide now if she wants to add a border or not. I forgot to get a picture of her quilt top. Maybe the next time I see her. Here is a picture of her at her sewing machine and the pinwheels getting ready to be sewn into rows...I was so excited to work on the project I had taken along. I have fallen in love with the whirligig stinkin cute! Anyway, I had found some Moda Oh Cherry Oh charm packs online pretty cheap awhile ago and didn't know what to do with them except for it had to be for me as I love cherries! I was really doubting on Saturday, that I was going to get the top done, but by midnight Saturday night, I had all of the blocks done and started to sew the rows together. I LOVE it! All I have to do is fix a couple of "blubbers" and add the second border (which will be a mottled bright red). Oh, I forgot I got my name tag we are required to have for our guild meetings finally done too. That little bugger took longer than I thought it would. Oh well, it's done, that's all that matters!
(this is my pile of unfinished blocks Saturday morning)

Some of the highlights of the retreat? Well, let's see. Making friends was the best part of the weekend for sure! We have been apart of the guild for over a year now and have not really met anyone other than the girl that got us interested in being apart of it all. This was a GREAT time getting to know everyone. By the end of the weekend we finally knew everyone's name that was in our sewing room. Let me just tell you...some of those older ladies are little spit fires. What a hoot! The biggest highlight of the whole weekend, other than getting a quilt top for me almost finished...was gaining an adopted Grandma. When we were doing our show & tell time this morning most of the ladies had said that they made this for this grandchild or that for that grandchild..both of my grandmothers have passed away, so at the end I said does anyone want to be my grandma? One precious lady named Anne, said yes, of course. I was so excited she said yes because she was just too cute this weekend, everytime she walked passed by our table she told us how proud of us she was and patted our back.

What a fun time! Can't wait for next year! I can't wait til the next guild meeting either to say hi to my new friends!


  1. Sounds like fun! And your quilt is beautiful!

  2. So glad you had fun! Your quilt is so pretty - I love the way the white turns into whirligigs too when you put it all together.