Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy Busy

The last couple of days I have been very busy!!! My mom, my cousin Lynne, and I went to the Apple Harvest over the weekend. We had a nice time even though they said I was grumpy and didn't know how to behave since not having my children me...that was not the case! I was having a nice time not having to correct anyone and just being able to sit and enjoy watching people when my little legs got tired. I found a cute little wrought iron pumpkin with some garland around it for on my table at home. After we were finished walking through the booths and such, we left and went to the apple orchard. We all got some apples, I got more than the other 2 though. Yesterday I was busy busy busy trying to get things made with the apples so they didn't go to waste. I ended up freezing 2 apple pies unbaked (as I just learned that I can do that), I baked 2 apple pies (1 for the freezer, 1 to eat now), 3 pans of apple crisp (2 for the freezer, 1 almost all gone), and a dozen apple dumplings. Other than the apples I got for the kids to eat, all of the apples were put to good use, I think. I am very proud of myself, especially about my apple dumplings...I never made them by myself before! They don't look the prettiest, but they taste wonderful, so I guess that's all that matters!

Today is pumpkin day! My dad gave me a couple of pumpkins when I picked up my car after the Apple Harvest. They have been moved from one corner to the next in my kitchen...the kids think they are the neatest toys. So today I decided I must get them cooked off and in the freezer before they are unusable. I have the last one in the oven roasting now. I need to dig out the food processor here in a minute to start getting it in the freezer. I wanted to make pumpkin whoopie pies today, but realized I don't have enough veggetable oil, so I need go to the store to get that tomorrow. For today I will just get it all cooked off and ready.

I tell ya, being domestic is tiring! Ha Ha! I fell asleep early last night and still feel like I could sleep the day away! Luckily the sun came out, so the house is much brighter than it has been for the last week or so, so that helps keep me going today!

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  1. Love you and all your domestic-ness. P.s. Can you bring me a dumpling or whoopie pie to fall fest?