Friday, October 8, 2010

So Tired!

I think I have really been working myself too hard! I fell asleep much earlier than I normally do last night and had a very hard time getting up this morning. I had to run the kids to school today because we were all sort of struggling to get motivated. Last night was a little rough around here. I will be completely honest and say that I am not playing the single parent roll very well since my husband is working out of town and won't be home until next Friday. The kids are tired of him not being home, I'm wearing out, and I know he isn't happy right now being away. I keep telling myself I am thankful he has a job, and that he provides for his family, we are just missing him.

Last night the big guy wasn't feeling very well, so he was very upset and unsure of what would happen today if he couldn't go to school. He doesn't do change very well, so it was very hard to reassure him that everything would be ok and we would deal with the issue, if it even was an issue, in the morning. My 5 year old princess, bless her heart, took to peeing in her pants yesterday. I don't know why...if you ask her, she'll say, "I don't know" so obviously not much help. She went on the floor right next to the toilet too, again "I don't know" was the answer I got. Today she was fine... I really think it had to do with the big guy's TSS being here and not having her can only guess with T. And the the precious wee one...she is missing her daddy desperately. She is a daddy's girl through and through. Bedtime is the worse for's the time she has to really remember that daddy isn't home, nor is he coming home anytime soon. It's so hard rocking her through the screams and really breaks my be so young and to not understand. Shoot, I am 30 and have a hard time dealing with the fact that he isn't coming home tonight!

After I got the kids to school today I ran to the store, as I was doing my pumpkin yesterday I realized I had no freezer bags as well as the vegetable oil as I had mentioned yesterday. I got both this morning. When I got home I was sooo tired. The little one and I just laid around watching her favorite, Elmo. It was a nice quiet morning at home.

I had the privilege of meeting up with my sister and nephew, for lunch. It was nice to get out of the house for a little bit. My little one doesn't like me wanting to have adult chats, but none-the-less, it was still a nice time. My sister has been very busy with the local fairs, so it was nice to finally see her and not talk to her through text or on the computer!

Came home, and got the kids off the bus. While they ate, I got my pumpkin pureed and in the freezer. I didn't freeze it as I wanted to...for my pumpkin pies, I usually use 3 1/2 c pumpkin, and silly me at the store only got pint bags instead of quarts..oh well, we'll make it work! I feel good about getting that project done. Tomorrow I have a busy day, if my kids allow, to clean up the mess of a room called a kitchen. It has been worked hard over the last couple of deserves a good cleaning. I have to think of a project/activity the kids can be occupied with to get it done though.

Well, the kids are watching a movie, so I better use the time wisely and get a basket of laundry folded.

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